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At Veratin, our mission is:

To work with local farms and transform raw waste wool into high value, innovative products.

Company overview

Veratin was incorporated in 2016 as a proprietary Australian company to undertake the development and commercialisation of high value products from waste wool. In 2022, the company listed on the NSX after an oversubscribed IPO round.

Veratin’s first commercial product is a liquid fertiliser and soil improver: Verigrow. We are currently developing other products from the same technology platform, including liquid keratin, keratin-based gels, medical drug carriers, amino acids and peptides. These products will be marketed for use in natural sunscreens, skin and hair products, gels, drug delivery products and peptide supplements. There is also the potential for residual material to be dried and pelleted for on-sale to the poultry industry as a feed supplement.

Veratin’s technology makes use of raw waste wool, which is unsuitable for the textiles industry and has very little value to farmers. We anticipate that Veratin could have a favourable impact on the sheep farming industry in Australia by generating added revenue for manufacturing products. Target industries for our products include the agricultural industry, the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, nutraceutical industry, poultry industry and functional foods industry.


Veratin has selected partners to aid the research, development and commercialisation of our products and to help ensure market access. As the company grows, new collaborations will be forged to aid in the development of our other product lines.