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To work with local farms to reduce waste and value-add to the supply chain.


The Company is committed to conducting all of its business activities fairly, honestly with a high level of integrity, and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

The Board, management and employees are dedicated to high ethical standards and recognise and support the Company’s commitment to compliance with these standards.

Company overview

Veratin was incorporated in 2016 as a multi-industry company to develop sustainable high end value products from low grade wool. Veratin implements green chemistry processes to transform this waste to products for various markets – plant and soil health, cosmetic, biodegradable materials, and functional foods and nutraceuticals. In 2019, the Company launched Verigrow®, a world first liquid fertiliser and soil improver from low grade wool, which embraces circular economy at the inception of product design. In February 2022, Veratin listed on the NSX after an oversubscribed IPO round and later that year announced proof-of-concept for functional foods and nutraceuticals under its ‘Baa Baa’ range of products. In early 2023, it released its first two products for the cosmetic market, Veratin™ shampoo and Veratin™ conditioner and more recently it has completed the research and development of its novel biodegradable polymer for plant pots and is gearing for production. Veratin is working on growing it products range via investing in cutting edge science.

Veratin anticipates having a favourable impact on the sheep farming industry in Australia by generating added revenue.