November 8, 2016


October 2019 – Sue McDougall talks about Verigrow® on 6PR Gardening Advice

October 2019 – Veratin launches Verigrow®

Veratin is delighted to announce it is launching Verigrow® this weekend at the Farmers Market on Manning. Come down and support us this Saturday the 12th from 7:30am to 12:30pm. Don’t forget to ask about entering our competition to win Rosemary the lamb and 5 bottles of Verigrow®. See you there!

June 2019 – Veratin successfully produces first Verigrow®


We are delighted to announce Veratin has commenced manufacturing and our first batch of Verigrow®, the world’s first liquid wool-based fertiliser and soil improver, was successful 🙂 We are now moving to establish quality control measures to ensure Verigrow® performs the same every single time.

June 2019 – Veratin appoints General Manager

Veratin is delighted to announce Mr Chris Fairman has joined the company as General Manager. We are excited to have Chris onboard and looking forward to an exciting time ahead!

May 2019 –  Veratin signs supply chain agreement

Veratin is delighted to announce it has entered into a supply chain agreement with Cambray Cheese Farm. Cambray Cheese Farm has Friesian sheep that are ideal for producing high quality milk for cheese and other diary products. The sheep however produce low grade wool and under the agreement, Veratin is adding value to this low-grade wool by turning it into Verigrow®, the world’s first wool-based liquid fertiliser and soil improver.

Managing Director of Veratin, Dr Ramiz Boulos, and Bruce Wilde, owner of Cambray Cheese Farm.

April 2019 –  Veratin files National Phase Patents

Veratin is pleased to announce it has filed patents for its fertiliser and soil improver in the following territories: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, EU, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa and the US.

Veratin is looking at overseas markets to export Verigrow® and is interested in talking to potential partners. We would love to hear from you!

January 2019 – Veratin qualifies as ESIC

Veratin is pleased to announced that it has qualified as an Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) by the ATO.

January 2019 – Veratin commences plant construction

Veratin is pleased to announce it has commissioned the construction of its plant to produce Verigrow®, the world’s first sheep-wool-based liquid fertiliser.

December 2018 – The media sniffs our woolly story

The West interviews managing director Dr Ramiz Boulos about his plans for Veratin and the imminent disruption.

November 2018 – Board of Advisors

We are delighted to announce we have formed an Advisory Board of very high calibre.

July 2018 – Home garden case study

Home gardner Sandra Doick has volunteered her garden bed for a tomato trial using the world’s first wool-based fertiliser, Verigrow®. Follow Sandy’s exciting journey here.

November 2016 – Veratin raises capital

Veratin has successfully raised capital for the product development of Verigrow®, a world-first soil improver.

November 2016 – Veratin to develop world first soil improver

Building upon the encouraging results from our small trial of tomato crops, Veratin is currently exploring the commercial feasibility of developing a soil improver (Verigrow™) from waste wool.



July 2016 – Veratin Pty Ltd is born

In 2016, Veratin Pty Ltd was incorporated to bring about novel and innovative keratin solutions and products.