July 31, 2018

Home garden case study

Home gardener Sandy Doick has volunteered to partake in a residential case study for Veratin. We show Sandy how easy and simple it is to use Verigrow® and its benefits for Australian farms and the environment. Sandy has planted 5 tomato plants in her new garden bed, and is running a trial to see how pots treated with Verigrow® will compare to those without.

Watch the video below to see how you can use Verigrow® in your home garden.

Will Sandy be happy with the results? Come back soon to find out!


                          Week 1                                                                                      Week 2  

Here is your weekly tomato check. Unfortunately they have had a bug attack (Week 3) so have had to trim them and spray for bugs. Hopefully this will do the trick! One has grown 4.5cm in a week and the rest have grown about 3cm. Also one has a flower so 🍅🍅 on the way!


              Week 3                                                                                                  Week 4

Still a few bugs on a couple of plants but very exciting to see flowers, which means we will soon have tomatoes!


Week 5

Due to the bug infestation in the raised garden bed, the tomatoes have moved home! They are now growing well in pots and looking good.

Reap what you sow

After a few months of growing, our plants have produced delicious fruit. Watch the video below to see what Sandy does with the tomatoes.